Prospective Students

Sustainable Agriculture (SAG) Program

…integrating appropriate technology from the present with the wisdom of the past…

As part of UK SAG, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work in a hands-on apprenticeship at the University's Organic Farming Research and Education Unit
  • Interact with a passionate interdisciplinary group of faculty
  • Learn with and from your fellow SAG students in a community atmosphere
  • Prepare for a career in the exciting and growing field of Sustainable Agriculture

3 Questions You Should Ask

What can I do with a UK Sustainable Agriculture degree?

Our graduates manage farms, work in agriculture extension, work with community food-based non-profits and attend a number of graduate schools.  As an individualized curriculum in the College of Agriculture, the SAG Program prepares students for a range of jobs.  Advisors work closely with students to tailor their courses and internships to fit student’s career goals, balancing the breadth of the curriculum with depth in each student’s area of interest. Click here to learn more about the SAG curriculum. 

What degrees do you offer?

Through UK’s SAG Undergraduate Degree Program, students can obtain a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture within the Individualized Programs track.  Students in other majors can obtain a Minor in Sustainable Agriculture. UK’s SAG program is hands-on, featuring field-based coursework and an apprenticeship at the University of Kentucky Organic Farming Research and Education Unit, the home to our 150 member UK Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

How do I join the Sustainable Agriculture Program?

The SAG Program is currently an Individualized Curriculum within the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.  If you are already a student at the University of Kentucky, you may contact the College of Agriculture Advising Resource Center for assistance in changing your major. If you are new to UK, you can join SAG by selecting the Individualized Program option within the College of Agriculture under the major selection area of your Admissions Application.

Clearly these aren't the only 3 questions you will have when choosing a program. This website is full of information about SAG, and should help you answer all of your questions. If there is anything about the program you can't find here, or you want to know whether it is right for you, Dr. Mark Williams or Dr. Krista Jacobsen are always happy to answer questions via email or telephone. Better yet, come for a visit!  We love to show current and future students around our farm and discuss the program. 


Dr. Krista Jacobsen is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Sustainable Agriculture Program.  For more information about this program please visit or contact Dr. Jacobsen via e-mail at

Students in the Sustainable Agriculture (SAG) Program experience a range of learning opportunities designed to immerse them in the world of sustainable agriculture, through:


Carefully and strategically planning your path toward graduation is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for a future in sustainable agriculture. One important part of this educational path is classroom instruction. This page provides resources that will help you to plan your courses to graduate on-time with valuable educational experiences. Visit the pages dedicated to the Apprenticeship program and finding Internships for information about these important parts of your sustinable agriculture education.

Like the field of sustainable agriculture, the curriculum in the SAG program is interdisciplinary and diverse. You will take a variety of courses each focused on a different aspect of this very broad field. Before planning your courses, you must first determine whether you are required to complete requirements according to the University Studies Program (USP) or if you must complete required courses from the new UKCore program at UK. If you enrolled prior to Spring 2011, you may complete the program according to USP requirements. Students enrolling after Spring 2011 will complete her or his program according to the new UKCore requirements. If you are a transfer student or you are unsure about which requirements you should complete, contact your advisor. 

USP Students:

B.S. Sustainable Agriculture Required Courses (pdf)--A list of required courses for SAG majors subject to USP Requirements.

Minor, Sustainable Agriculture Required Courses (pdf)--A list of required courses for SAG minors.

UKCore Students:

B.S. Sustainable Agriculture Required Courses (pdf)--A list of required courses for SAG majors subject to UKCore Requirements.

Minor, Sustainable Agriculture Required Courses (pdf)--A list of required courses for SAG minors.

All Students:

Sustainable Agriculture Course of Study Planner (pdf)

UK Bulletin (Course Catalog)--Office of the Registrar

APEX Help & Instructions

Graduate Students

The Jacobsen lab is composed of diligent individuals with a professional commitment to sustainable agriculture research. Our lab endeavors to create a challenging environment of scholarship, creativity and freedom of intellectual inquiry. 

Students earning advanced degrees from the Jacobsen lab have done well in the professional job market.  Recent M.S. graduates have secured faculty appointments as well as positions in federal government agencies. 

The Jacobsen Lab does not currently have any graduate student openings.  Stay tuned to see when positions are posted or please contact Dr. Krista Jacobsen at for future positions.